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Eden is a 17 minute short film that explores desperation, adventure, and loneliness. It had a budget of $27,000 and was shot almost entirely on location under actual weather conditions. (This film is still competing in film festivals so it is currently unavailable publicly.)

After a cataclysmic event makes Earth uninhabitable, clones are sent to space to preserve humanity. They are released in groups when Earth is ready to sustain life again, but due to a malfunction a clone girl lands on the planet's evolved surface alone. Forced to adapt to the forest wilderness on her own, she learns to survive but yearns for human interaction.

Festival Acknowledgements

  • Nominee - MPSE Golden Reel Awards, Verna Fields Award in Sound Editing (2017)

Official Selections

  • Top Shorts (2017)
  • Riverside International Film Festival (2017)
  • HollyShorts Monthly Screenings (2017)
  • Crossroads Film Festival (2017)
  • Irvine International Film Festival (2017)
  • San Pedro International Film Festival (2016)
  • Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (2016)
  • Lone Star Film Festival (2016)
  • San Jose International Short Film Festival (2016)